August Book Selection

Horseman, Pass By
Tuesday, August 11, 2010
6:30 at location TBA

Horseman, Pass By, on which the film Hud is based, tells the story of Homer Bannon, an old-time cattleman who epitomizes the frontier values of honesty and decency, and Hud, his unscrupulous stepson. Caught in the middle is the narrator, Homer’s young grandson, Lonnie, who is as much drawn to his grandfather’s strength of character as he is to Hud’s hedonism and materialism. Memorable characters, powerful themes, and illuminating detail make Horseman, Pass By vintage McMurtry.

The title of the novel derives from the last three lines of the poem, “Under Ben Bulben” by the great Irish poet, William Butler Yeats(1865-1939), and are carved on his tombstone: “Cast a cold eye/ On life, on death./ Horseman, pass by.”

Texas Monthly Review

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