The Great 2010 Book Pre-view

The Millions has chased down the most anticipated books for 2010.  Personally, I can’t wait for a new John Banville and Ian McEwan books.

Jose Saramago has a new book of collected entries from his notebook.

Yann Martel – The Life of Pi – has a new book that we should add to our book club list called Beatrice and Virgil which Martel compares to Animal Farm.

If you’ve never read Michael Lewis’ Moneyball, you should.  And then read his new book coming out in April titled The Big Short, about the financial crisis of 2009.

Another author we’ve read in the past, Gary Shteyngart has a new book out in July, this one is set in the future.

So make a note on your wishlists and maybe we can add a couple of these new books to our book club readings!

PS, Don’t forget we have our first book club meeting next Tuesday, Jan 12 @ 6:30pm @ The Arms.  See you there!


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