The 2010 Tournament of Books

2010 Tournament of BooksEvery morning I read The Morning News to get the latest news from the Internet – not especially newsy news, but I always learn something new from their daily links.  They also have great freelance writers, great photographers, interesting essays and profiles. But my favorite thing about The Morning News is the Tournament of Books.  This an annual competition between, well, books.  16 books are selected for the brackets and then are judged by other authors, celebrities, bloggers, editors, writers and whoever else wants to join in.  Usually, they only announce the 16 contenders, but this year they have announced the long list of competitors. The criteria for selection is as follows:

Our criteria for selecting the titles on the long list were the same as we normally adhere to. Books must be novels (for the most part), and must have been published for the first time in English in 2009 (for the most part). Considerations included: our own reading experiences; recommendations from family and friends, readers, publishing folk, and TMN staff; critics’ opinions, from internet shoppers to prestigious names; prize-winners; other media groups’ best-of lists; sales records, high and low; too much hype or too little hype; independent publisher versus big bad media; authors’ reputations; authors’ previous participation in previous Tournaments; blurb quantity and quality; etc. So yes, pretty much everything except the cover art.

This is a great list for book club members to refer to when making book selections for the year.  It’s also good for a Christmas gift list or for holiday/vacation reading!  I hope you enjoy it!


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